This program has evolved and grown into the Program by Design (PBD) project. This site is now out-of-date and remains only for historical purposes. Please instead go to the PBD site for up-to-date information.

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Our project offers free summer workshops on its curriculum. The workshops introduce teachers to a new program design method, a series of supportive programming languages, and the pedagogically well-founded programming environment. The project has support from several sponsors. In its first eleven years (1995 through 2005), the workshops trained 527 educators at six venues. Consequently, we took a break for the summer of 2006. Our workshops returned, with new material and additional staff, in 2007.

Duration and Format: five days; 8am-5pm; alternating between class and lab

Venues: Please see the separate page of information.


Our workshops are primarily intended for college and university faculty interested in first-year education. People who teach computer science or closely related disciplines, or are simply interested in using computation in their curricula (no matter what their discipline), are welcome.

We also welcome high school teachers who cover at least one of computer science, mathematics, and the physical sciences. We ask that you first contact your school to determine whether they will allow you to make curricular changes based on the summer course. You should find out what obstacles you will face from your school if you decide to adopt this curriculum.


This information is now out-of-date.

Costs and Registration

The summer course and the materials are free; there is no deposit or registration fee. The cost is borne by the sponsors.

The workshop also provides continental breakfast, lunch, and refreshments. Participants are in principle responsible for travel, dining and hotels, but the project does offer considerable financial support. You do not need to inform us of financial need; we will automatically consider you for support if you are eligible for it.

To register, email Stephen Bloch, indicating:

  1. which workshop you would like to attend (please indicate all dates you are available for, with preference ranking)
  2. your current position and employer
  3. a brief description of your educational background and employment history (no more than a few sentences)

Instructional Staff

See the separate page.