This program has evolved and grown into the Program by Design (PBD) project. This site is now out-of-date and remains only for historical purposes. Please instead go to the PBD site for up-to-date information.

This page lists some of the talks and papers we've given on our material.

An hour-long talk by Matthias Felleisen on the principles and some of the details behind our curriculum—the best alternative to taking a workshop!

Some material on the Java side of our curriculum:

Two papers on the TeachScheme! roots of our program:

Mostly for historical reasons and for the benefit of search engines, we also present these old talks (which haven't been updated in several years):

We gave the first talk at several high school education conferences. We delivered the second talk as an invited lecture at various locations such as the University of Chicago, Université de Nice, Université de Montréal and Duke University's First Year Instruction Workshop.