This program has evolved and grown into the Program by Design (PBD) project. This site is now out-of-date and remains only for historical purposes. Please instead go to the PBD site for up-to-date information.

The past decade has seen significant changes in the design and teaching of introductory computer science curricula. Our TeachScheme! Project was at the vanguard of this change. The result is in use at hundreds of high schools and universities on nearly every continent. Several companies not only use our software, they have even begun to adopt our curriculum for in-house training.

As we discuss in more depth, we set out to address fundamental problems that students face. This has led to a series of innovations in programming environments, programming methodology, and programming languages. But we focus not only on creating new technology but equally on making these innovations accessible to students; some of our material is now being successfully used even in middle-schools.

One of our main offerings for educators is a free summer workshop series. This series has grown to encompass a transition to a principled introduction to object-oriented programming in Java. We invite you to participate; if you are a US college faculty member, we even have funding to cover your expenses.

Our Project comprises faculty and graduate students at several universities including Adelphi, Brown, Cal Poly, Chicago, Northeastern, Utah and WPI, with support from several other universities as well as industrial organizations. The Project is primarily funded by the US National Science Foundation.

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